Roboshop Inc.
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Roboshop Inc.

RoboShop Inc. specializes in custom and standard material handling systems. Our Vibratory Systems offer the unique ability to move a large assortment of parts for automation, material handling and machine loading and unloading applications. Our unique, patented vibratory design is the base for conveying, orientation, recirculation and accumulation ranging from very small to large materials and components. These same units provide linear and recirculation for our various products such as Flex Feeders for robot vision applications, part counting for auto-bagging systems, along with pre-tooled systems for single lane part orientation and exit. We also offer custom automation that relates to our vibratory systems such as mechanical part escapements, separation and pick and place integration.

Vibratory   Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyors are beltless vibratory feeders, capable of moving parts ranging from very small, light components to steel bars weighing over 300 pounds. Our conveyors are compact, low-maintenance, durable, and infinitely adaptable so as to suit any application. Vibratory feeders provide an excellent alternative to clunky, single-purpose belted conveyors, allowing for gentle part handling, multidirectional conveyor movement, organization, and accumulation, all on a single feeder bed.

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