Roboshop Inc.

How It Works

The Magic Carpet

It's not really magic, but rather a very simple principle. The vibratory feeder bed reciprocates at frequencies ranging from 10Hz to 120Hz, utilizing the angled fibers of the brush to move components in the direction of the tilt. This is like using a brush to sweep.

Because of the angled fibers, we can move parts in multiple directions on a common feeder bed by arranging the brush sections in the direction that we want the parts to move.

The brush is secured to the vibrating surface plate by means of a dual lock latch and hook system. To remove the brush, just pull it away from the lock tape. To reinstall the brush, just press it back on and smooth out.

Brush Types

In-Motion Vibratory Conveyors will optimize your system to fulfill your material handling requirements by providing the proper brush surface for each application. We have several types of surface that vary in fiber length and thickness.

Light part handling

General purpose, most versatile

Heavy duty application